Entry: Hi Monday, August 11, 2014

Hi, Its me... Im back in 2014, long hybernating and so deep freezz. So, here iam. Jakarta 11 August 2014 from free wi fi in Sailendra Restaurant JW Marriot Jakarta


November 16, 2014   09:28 PM PST
Hi miller and Ruly.. im so honour as a friend here, and you guys await my *un important* story... i will come back *singsingkan lengan baju-*
meer miller
October 14, 2014   04:57 PM PDT
welcome back al... jadi kangen mahu baca tulisanmu
August 13, 2014   03:02 PM PDT
Welcome Blogging Back om AL.. finally i found this "old" blog LOL.. btw i'm blogging again *now, regards....best old friends in the jungle land >.<

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