Entry: University of Indonesia Sunday, June 12, 2011

Iam a typical person who remember about something in my past so clearly, if im life in one situation that related I my past all of the memories suddenly back.
One of condition who had related in my past is University of Indonesia. Remain about that institution is really make me sad, so deep.

It will remain me about my condition at the end of 90`s when im really want to continue my study, but unfortunately there is no one condition support me.

Yea, as a child who not grows up with his own parents I can not expected too high about my educational life. And I have to bury my dream to continue my educational at that place.

To more knows about UI when im life in Depok, im walking around UI campus and just feel the joy of the glory if im become one of the college boy in there.

But anyway, try to go to the situation this morning, yea I was there. UI Salemba and became one of the student in there, not majoring in medical but in financial.

This week I felt so happy, proud and thankful, ive been studied here even not as long term student but even less i`ve been here.

Yes Im in process to take my certification for profession call RFP (Registered Financial Planner).
The institution conducts of this program are Financial Planner Standard Board and University of Indonesia.

Today is a last day, and im prepared to my final exam, try to hard for remain all the happen during studying process. And I have to pass.
Life is very funny, some time life is not give what we need but life gave us what we really match.

Im never knew if im continue my study as a college boy in medical science in University of Indonesia at the past, I will not became a *Insya Allah* certificated Financial Planner as today.

If im became a doctor, and just a doctor with no specialization capacity I will life at the village and I guaranteed thats not a life that im dreaming.

Im happy to be me as today. Thank you Allah.


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August 6, 2011   08:24 PM PDT
woaaa... I'm also happy to be me !! *thank you for remind me of this :)

lama jg ngga mampir....
tetap cemangat bang Al!! :)

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