Entry: Who said.... Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who said that I'm life in un perfect life..?

if you though so..your completely wrong. My life is so perfect. Even to perfect to be true.
I was grow up with one of best mother, in the world and now I'm living with one of best environment ever have.

So.. If your trying to find un perfect in me. I will give you a question .
Who's life perfect actually ? Every one of us have something that actually we are get in. So... Me too. But..the important thing is.."I'm not focus with something that I'm not have it".

Just let it other people got of their own perfect thing of life and I have got in another. That's fair, because if your asking to much in life the answer might be NO. Just be happy with who you are, what you get and what you have.

Happy is Simple.. As simple as it!! ??:)

End of Rainy in afternoon Jakarta 26 of April 2011


June 5, 2011   10:40 PM PDT
Focus and be grateful on what you have... insya Allah selalu happy :)) amiin.. :)

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