Entry: Silence Farewell Thursday, April 30, 2009

So many "last think" for today, sit on this chair inside my room.

May last day as an employee and last day to here as a person in charge for all kind of business related to me.


Hmmmhh…my ten years as an employee ended today, and tomorrow when the sun raise at 1st may everything will change, Ill wake up and going to another place, read my own journey as a self employee , people who have his own business and his own responsibilities.

For tomorrow, my life on my own hand, better or worst, sound quite spooky but that’s like a challenge to proof it especially for my own, how high that I could reach my own dreams.


For better future.. I was choose to leave everything here with so comfort situation inside, the comfort thing that would be kill me if  I choose to lets stay here.

This is an option that I am choosing with 100 % conscious mind. Just let’s give a time for me to work harder and smarter than before, and after that will more success than before. Amin


Silence farewell today, just me and this empty room,

Here on the empty quite big my *ex* room…


Jakarta , April 30, 2009


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